Ignition Coil Pack High Pressure Pack 099700 0570 90048 52126 for Toyota Daihatsu in Ignition Coil from Automobiles Motorcycles

Ignition Coil Pack High Pressure Pack 099700 0570 90048 52126 for Toyota Daihatsu in Ignition Coil from Automobiles Motorcycles
Ignition Coil Pack High Pressure Pack 099700 0570 90048 52126 for Toyota Daihatsu in Ignition Coil from Automobiles Motorcycles
Ignition Coil Pack High Pressure Pack 099700 0570 90048 52126 for Toyota Daihatsu in Ignition Coil from Automobiles Motorcycles
Ignition Coil Pack High Pressure Pack 099700 0570 90048 52126 for Toyota Daihatsu in Ignition Coil from Automobiles Motorcycles
Ignition Coil Pack High Pressure Pack 099700 0570 90048 52126 for Toyota Daihatsu in Ignition Coil from Automobiles Motorcycles
Ignition Coil Pack High Pressure Pack 099700 0570 90048 52126 for Toyota Daihatsu in Ignition Coil from Automobiles Motorcycles

Product Specification

Manufacturer Part Number: other

Material: Plastic + Metal

Type: Open Magnetic

Interchange Part Number: other

Country/Region of Car Manufacture: China

Ignition Type: Double Cylinder Ignition

Model Number: AM_AIS_005

  • Features:
    - Able to withstand extremes temperatures
    - Designed for harsh conditions
    - Durability and consistent performance
    - Brass high voltage terminal
    - Copper internal windings
    - Stainless Steel spring

  • Product Name: Vehicle ignition coil

  • Model Name: 099700-0570

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 90048-52126 90048-52125 9004852125

  • Material: Plastic + Metal

  • Color: Black

  • Applicable Engine Cylinder Number: Four cylinder

  • For Daihatsu:
    - For Cuore VI L7_ 1.0i 1998/10-2003/05 989 ccm, 41 KW, 56 PS
    - For Move L6, L9 1.0i 1998/10-2015/12 989 ccm, 41 KW, 55 PS
    - For Sirion M1 1.0i 1998/04-2000/09 989 ccm, 41 KW, 56 PS
    - For Sirion M1 1.0i 4WD 1999/04-2000/09 989 ccm, 41 KW, 56 PS

Package include
  • 1 x Vehicle Ignition Coil










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